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Wooden Floor

Hardwood Flooring 

"We are posting a very positive review for Ned's Commercial Flooring of Fairfax, Virginia, who performed the entire installation of wood and carpet flooring in our [Reston] townhouse.. . .  We are highly pleased with this entire experience and would highly recommend Ned's Commercial Flooring for your flooring installation project."  ~ Luesette H. Reston, VA

Hardwood floors are popular because they give your business and/or your home a warm, rich look and feel. Hardwood floors that are used today are more durable and easier to maintain. This is true whether you choose natural solid wood or engineered.  


At Ned’s Commercial Flooring, because of our years of experience, we have great respect for the quality of the material and take care in the installation of whatever product you use. We can even help you with that important decision when it comes to color and specific materials used.

Our team will walk you through the process and explain the difference between raw wood, prefinished wood, etc. What types and colors to shy away from depending on traffic, kids, pets, and use in the hardwood flooring department.

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